My Toxic Backyard
Documentary Feature

Residents in Asheville, NC fight for clean drinking water as the contaminated soil of an old manufacturing plant continues leaking carcinogens into their water more than twenty years after the threat was first reported to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Ghost Image
Thriller short

When a ghostly apparition shows up in a photographer's work, she'll have to find a way to eliminate all cameras from her life or risk losing it to the thing that haunts her

One Hell of an Angel
Comedy Fantasy

A demon with an existential crisis and an angel with PTSD are forced to team up to help a musician with no self-esteem write a song that will change lives.

Second Parent

Only eleven states allow second parent adoption for same-sex couples.  What happens to an adopted child when the adopting parent dies.

Joint Effort

When a couple receive a package full of pot by mistake, they have to find a way to replace the contents when their dog eats all of it.

Comedy Horror

Sometimes even Vampires need a dentist.


A couple driving down a country road hit a bump only to discover a body under their car.  They make one bad decision that will seal their fate when a friendly passerby stops to help.

Touched by Angels

K.T. is an angel in training and Mezudio is his angel handler who has a difficult time getting K.T. to stop stabbing people.